Choccy Peanut Butter Caramel Crunch


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Oh deary me. This addition has everyone panting in anticipation for the next time they can get their hands on it...

We are quite proud of this seriously luscious pop! It's one of our award-winning flavours. You know you want it!

Delivered in 1 Bulk Bag (7 Litre / 22x1-cup-portions / 30-35x Cornude Cornets) - Includes a Name Tag, for your Display - Depicting Flavour & Allergens

Perfect for Home Parties / Jar Dispense / Cafe / Restaurant / Gatherings / Launches / Movie Nights / Events

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Contains: GM-free maize, sugar, Belgian chocolate(milk), home-made peanut butter(nuts), vanilla pods, salt, raising agent, lecithin(soya)

  • Gluten free

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Lead time of 3-4 weeks - Everything is made to order
or contact us if you're in a hurry and we can look at what is available


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