About Cornude's Popcorn & Our Chef

Cornude's Artisan Popcorn:

  • Multi-award winning popcorn
  • GM free specialty grain
  • Coatings - hand made daily
  • 'Flavourings-free' - All coatings made from scratch - Real Ingredients
  • Small batch attention - Made especially for your event
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan & vegetarian varieties
  • Bespoke client recipes
  • Local start-up
  • Product of Ireland
  • Bulk bags for large occasions / events / hotel service
  • Corporate Branded Pots

A Little About the Chef - Ruth

Ruth has always been a food adventurer. As a young chick in Co Cavan, her dad showed her the berries and mushrooms on their rambles along the roads and woods and she was hooked. A love affair with nature’s treats and treasures had begun. She wanted to have her own food business but first she had the world to explore and so she did – traveling from India to the Americas and beyond - always with some exotic concoction to trial and perfect on grateful mouths along the way. Back in Dublin, she knew she could cook, but after watching friends and family struggle at times with illness, she also knew the importance of food for good health and well-being. It was time to hit the books. She enrolled in the initial Culinary Arts for Health and Nutrition course in Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) and four years later graduated, the proud owner of a First Class Honours degree in Culinary Entrepreneurship and an even fiercer determination to start her good food business. And so... to luxurious, hand-rolled popcorn. A trip to Chicago planted the seed and it grew from there. Weeks were spent in the kitchens of Cathal Brugha Street and her small kitchen in the heart of the liberties making endless pots of traditional caramel until the perfect mixture of sugar & vanilla was found. Small pots turned to bigger pots but still the formula stayed the same – simple ingredients, natural luscious flavours and lots of fun! (Although woe betide you if you took your eye off the caramel and it burned). Cornude's luxury popcorn is still produced in an artisan kitchen in the Liberties and Ruth is still searching for the perfect temperature to dehydrate those Irish Strawberries and just the right amounts of chilli varieties for her tasty smokin’ Hot Chilli Peanut caramel. Taste her famous Salted Caramel – tried and tested at weddings, in staff-rooms, at events and snuck into those cinemas across the country ;-)

Experience the naked fun and flavour of Cornude.

S.Kelly, 2014


Ruth, our Chef, says

"I adore making the caramel and savoury coatings, it's a real buzz - using my passion and genuine love for produce, people and taste. Timely implementation of bespoke recipes is a real interest. I absolutely love providing customers with that real taste-health combination without using 'flavours' or pre-manufactured powers to create flavour but relying solely on real ingredients. Striving to source local produce, were available, alongside continual research into collaboration with other local food producers is not only a passion but really great fun."

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