How does Cornude Supply Consumers v Business?

Ruth produces and hand finishes small batches of high quality Coated Popcorn. The quality is endorsed by the multiple food awards received to date. Each batch size is approx 7 Litres so Businesses and Consumers can order these Bulk Bags for Service, Weddings and Events.

Also for marketing & PR events, Cornude's iconic pots can be freshly packed and branded to your liking with a minimum order of 25 x pots.

Consumer packs (Pot Luck = 5 x Mixed Variety Pots) are made from time to time (Approx Once a Month) and those who sign up to the news letter (sign up form at bottom of each page) will be informed of the next batch date, and can pre-order for that delivery.


Can we get Cornude Popcorn into our local shops or supermarket?

Cornude does not mass-manufacture the product, so unfortunately no. It is made to order in a small artisan kitchen. It does mean that we can maintain a high quality, bespoke product. A real treat to behold. It's perfect for Hotel, Cafe and Bar service, and is available via Nationwide Delivery, so maybe this could be an option for that local fix.


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Allergen & Dietary

Contains: Click on the flavour you fancy and the details will be listed.

Special requirements: If you need a special order i.e. a dairy-free a dairy free caramel, just drop us an email and we will aim to provide

Gluten: Being a small operation to date, our kitchen is not certified gluten free, but the ingredients used are naturally gluten free and extremely high integrity levels are present at all times. Most of our products are vegetarian and vegan. Click on the variety for information.

Popcorn Bar FAQ

When should I present the popcorn bar?

Ideal when people are peckish, and a fab talking point for mingling. For weddings people find the popcorn bar is perfect after the ceremony and before the meal - a great talking point and the perfect munch.

Where can I get Accesories?

Here on Cornude.ie you can order Popcorn Bunting, Serving Cornets & Containers but feel free to be as creative as possible and shop around. If you require Jars & Scoops give us a quick email and we'll send on our recommendations.

How can I order my popcorn?

We can provide you with artisan, hand-made, popcorn in bulk. Just order here online This will arrive in sealed bulk bags with 22 x 1 cup portions inside. If you are having 100 guests you could choose to have 3-4 flavours.

What flavours should I choose?

When choosing flavours have a think about your guests palates and what drinks you will be pairing with.  Our Sweet Signature Caramels are sea-salted caramels and toffees with the addition of toasted nuts or drizzled chocolates. We also have hot numbers if you feel a bit of spice would be in order: Hot chilli peanut caramel, Mouthy Masala (Savoury) and Chipotle & Aleppo (Savoury). Rule of thumb is that savoury numbers alongside salted caramels go really well with a drinks bar.

When will I get my order?

As we provide for your DIY popcorn bar we courier your popcorn to you 2 days before your event (or a date of your choosing - note box at the cart when ordering) ensuring you have a superb freshness for your guests. Nationwide Delivery. As we are a small business we aim to help with courier costs and the cost is subsidised, calculated at checkout.

How far in advance should I order the popcorn?

As everything is hand made it's good to let us know a couple of weeks in advance if you can. (At the moment production is generally running at capacity so please give us 4 weeks notice if possible) Just order online and fill in the details for your preferred delivery date (in the note box, at the cart)

What is so different about Cornude Artisan Popcorn?

At Cornude we produce your popcorn by hand. Every morsel has been given lovin' attention. The outcome is a sublime offering that has not been through factory processing but through small batch attention using artisan techniques. We do not use 'flavours' or stabilizers but real ingredients, so you and your guests can delight in having a high quality, taste-filled product as recommended here: http://www.guides.ie/recommendations/cornude-artisan-popcorn

What is the shelf life on Cornude's popcorn?

The caramel based varieties have a 6 week shelf-life and the savouries have a 21 day shelf-life. We produce it, to order, for your event.

Can I hire your jars and scoops for the event?

We generally do not hire out our jars & scoops as courier prices tend to exceed costs. Email us and we can recommend our Jar & Scoop partner for supply.

Popcorn Storage and Service

Pre Event Storage: Dark and cool temperature.(Cover with a tablecloth while storing before the event)

Opening: Never open the product days before the event, moisture in the air plays havoc with the freshness.

Display on the day: Ensure that the product is in a sealed container until service, again moisture in the air is not good for freshness. If your display vessel does not come with a tightly fitting lid, use clingfilm until guests arrival. *Chocolate varieties should always be kept in a cool area, and out of direct sunlight.

Serving Sizes: We recommend small / dainty serving containers- as Cornude's Popcorn is extremely luxurious & generously coated, a little goes a long way. Ordering generic popcorn containers from the internet is not a great idea as they are generally too big. Order Cornude's Popcorn Bunting, Serving Cornets & Containers here.