Bulk Gourmet Popcorn


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Made especially for you - The artisan way.

This Award Winning Gourmet Popcorn Range is ideal for weddings and large events, and is made and delicately finished especially for you. We use the best of foods from their rawest possible form. If you order, for example, Garlic & Herb we will cook up a seriously delicious coating from fresh garlic & herbs and roll your plump corn to perfection.

To view pics/allergens/ingredients use this link for individual flavours

Perfect for Home Parties / Jar Dispense / Cafe / Restaurant / Gatherings / Launches / Movie Nights / Events

  • Lead time of 3-4 weeks - Everything is made to order
    or contact us if you're in a hurry and we can look at what is available
  • Order other accessories to go with your popcorn bar here.



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