Event Popcorn Bar


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Mingling, like our popcorn, is the spice of life. - Your DIY Popcorn Bar is destined to get everyone chatting. Check out your DIY Popcorn Bar Tips & Ideas

Ideal for an: office treat, special event, exquisite reception, product launch to mention but a few.

You will receive, by courier :

  • 3 x Jars
  • 3 x Scoops
  • 3 x Bags Bulk Popcorn of your choice
  • 3 x Jar Stickers (containing allergen & ingredient info) and
  • Serving containers / *cornets
(choose your preferred containers in drop-down menu when ordering)

    Indicate flavour choice & delivery date at the cart - note box

    *Cornets = If you opt for cornets, we will happily make sure your cornets include your logo - please email to info@cornude.ie after ordering.

    Check out your Flavours

    Order Popcorn Bunting

    Each Bulk Bag of Gourmet Popcorn (7L) fills : 22 x 1-cup-portions or 33 x cornet-portions or 44 x mini-pot-portions.

    As you will keep your jars & scoops, you will only ever have to order our bulk bags of popcorn for future events - Brill!

    Lead time of 3-4 weeks - Everything is made to order
    or contact us if you're in a hurry and we can look at what is available

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