Lock & Pop Pamper Hamper


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This GORGEOUS LOCK & POP GIFT HAMPER has 2+ Litres of Amazing - Award-Winning, Irish - Gourmet Luxury Flavoured Popcorn, 1 Kilo of Specialty Popping Corn and really cute Serving Cornets for fun. (OR LARGER - Please use drop down menu). Also a Personalised NOTE for your recipient. The ultimate poppin' care pack. Dinky is ideal for 1-2 persons, and larger if required.



PRE ORDERS are open to


Please Remember That:

DELIVERY will be 18TH & 19TH JUNE

Next Amazing Popcorn Batches for Hampers are being produced the week beginning Monday 15th June with delivery on 18th & 19th - I'll send out a notice by email when orders are being taken again so please remember to sign up for the newsletter.

Each Gourmet Artisan Flavour is 1.1 Litre in Volume/Size  (Think - Jug or Litre of Juice/Milk for size comparison)

Being confined, this is the most perfect poppin' treat for all. Tasty award-winning FRESH gourmet popcorn and lots of fun at home -popping those kernels - in a real pot! (ditching the dodgy microwave i hear you say!)

Generally your pack includes 1 Sea-Salted Caramel and 1 other special flavour. OR more if you order the larger Hampers(use the drop down).

These fab flavours change from week to week, keeping you on your toes :) - and are ALWAYS absolutely GORGEOUS!

(If you are Vegan/Vegetarian or don't like Nut, Super-Spicy or Savoury Varieties included just leave a NOTE in the NOTE BOX, when you reach the cart page.)

also if you want a PERSONALISED NOTE  with your order do leave the TEXT in the NOTE BOX too! A nice way to send your love/care/regards :)

This care pack can also be made with bigger quantities to suit your specs, people size(USE THE DROP-DOWN) :

  • Dinky (1-2persons) 2xLitres of Luxury Corn & 1Kilo Popping Grain- 2 Cornets
  • Medium (2-3P) 3xLitres of Luxury Corn & 1Kilo Popping Grain- 3 Cornets
  • Large (3-4P) 4xLitres of Luxury Corn & 1Kilo Popping Grain- 4 Cornets
  • Huge(4-5P) 5xLitres of Luxury Corn & 1Kilo Popping Grain- 5 Cornets
  • Humongous(5-6P) 6xLitres of Luxury Corn & 1Kilo Popping Grain- 6 Cornets

Generally it will never be ready straight away - as everything is put on order so will take a couple of days - but again, get in touch. Ruth makes the popcorn to order so it's not something picked of a shelf :)      #FreshNotFarmed

Size of each Artisan Flavour is: 1.1 Litre Volume

Specialty Kernels - home popping pack weighs: 1xKilo. (Directions included)

Carriage: Can be couriered Nationwide with overnight couriers for €4.99* - which is a subsidised cost here on web orders. Phone orders / Invoiced / B2B orders incur full priced courier from **10.99+vat.


**Larger orders will incur excess carriage based on weight

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