Maple & Toasted Pecan


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Big Winter Bag

Toasted Maple Pecan (Caramel Crunch)

3.5 Litre

Imagine - Ruth's Golden hand-made caramel crumbled with delicious toasted pecans & drizzled with luscious Maple Syrup … Another seasonal sensation!

This Big Party Bag of Ruth's magical gourmet popcorn creation will be a real snow-stopper with friends and family this year. Perfect for those glistening house parties, family gatherings and office shin-digs!


3.5 Litre Winter Bags also available to purchase in ARNOTTS - Dublin from Nov 14th - Dec 22nd - Just ask for Cornude's Pop-Up


Contains: GM-free maize, sugar,  pecans(nuts), sunflower oil, vanilla pods, salt, raising agent, lecithin(soya).

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